Step by Step guide to know Logged in User Information
Hello everyone, this is Mayank Sanghvi from, and I welcome you all in another Step-by-Step guide. In it, we will learn How to know logged-in user information. Sometimes we need to track logged-in user activity and find the logged-in user information. If we use SQL Server Management Studio, we can find the logged-in user information under the Object explorer or Status bar at the bottom.

We can execute the following T-SQL statement if we need to find the logged-in user information.


The above queries work. But let us switch to the “master” database and execute the same T-SQL query again.

This time it did not work. “guest” is the wrong user. The current user is “ZeroTutorialDemo.”

We have an alternate. Let us try the following query.

, SUSER_NAME() LoggedInUser

SUSER_NAME() is more reliable compared with SESSION_USER.
The same query will also work with Windows Authentication.

We would love to know what you used and the above query’s purpose.