Two methods to change the Computer Name on Windows Server 2019

Hello, everyone, this Mayank Sanghvi, and welcome to you all in this blog. Today we will discuss two different approaches to change the computer name on Windows Server 2019.

Approach 1: In the first approach, we will use the old school method to use the Graphical user interface or GUI. GUI approach is a long approach but good to know. To change the computer name, we need to use the Server Manager. Launch the Server Manager. To launch Server Manager, click on the Start Menu and select Server Manager. In the “Server Manager,” we have “Local Server” on the left side. Click on the “Local Server.” It will display all the local server information, including the computer name. For us, the computer name is “WIN-SJPLHTJOQIR.” We need to click on the name to change it. It will open a new dialog with the name “System Properties.” Then click on the button “Change…”. It will open a new dialog to change the Computer Name.
In the new dialog, provide a new name for the computer. We need to rename it to “VLEMON.” The name we used as per our business. You can decide the name as per your business, or you need to follow some naming convention. For example, the Android operating system names are based on dessert. Rename it as per your preference. While choosing a name, it is short, sweet, and the end-users can easily remember it. When you decided and provided a valid name, click on the “OK” button.
To apply these changes, we need to restart the server. Click on the “OK” button and then click on the “Close” button to close the “System Properties.” In the final dialog, click on the “Restart Now” button to restart the server. Once the server is restarted, you may see the new name.